Deborah Tom started playing badminton 12 years ago. She not only fell in love with the sport, but with the community as well. She became deeply involved with coaching, mentoring, and program development with Bujak. She treats her students like family and devotes her efforts in helping them develop integrity and self-respect. Through badminton, her youths have learned more than just the technical skills but also the importance of sportsmanship, respect, and perseverance.

Deborah’s passion and boundless energy drives her to participate very actively in the badminton community in Ontario. Having been on the board of Badminton Ontario for 3 years, she now serves as a consultant for the Ontario Winter games and as a board member for Pan Am Badminton. She is also the secretary of the Federation of Badminton Clubs (FBC) and has organized many community events to promote the sport, such as the Peter Gade Exhibition, Jr Pan Am Games and 2018 BWF World Juniors Championships. To top it all off, Bujak Open is now one of the most attended tournaments in Ontario and draws players from all over Canada.

Bujak Badminton Club is Deborah’s pride and joy, and the product of many overcome obstacles. It’s a good thing Bujak’s mascot is always around to keep her company.