Bujak Badminton Club is established by a group of young badminton enthusiasts, led by Deborah Tom. We currently offer 3 Training Programs and 3 Club Play at different locations across the town of Markham and GTA.

The club’s mission is to promote badminton in the GTA and Ontario by providing quality training programs for players from all age groups and to assist them in developing different skillsets and styles for the sport. Under the guidance of the coaching team, Bujak Badminton Club has produced a number of young talents to compete in the Ontario Junior Circuit with exceptional results.

Bujak Open has become one of the largest recreational-competitive tournaments in Ontario with over 150 entries annually. This tournament has attracted many participants all over Ontario, Quebec, Vancouver, USA and even as far as Hong Kong, China.

Bujak Badminton Club would like to thank all of the club members, players and supporters from the badminton community for their continual support throughout the years.